Congratulations! You're here.

I admire you for putting energy and time aside for your personal development. This is the start of something GREAT.

I want to make sure we're on the same page before we begin, so let me share with you some of the background behind creating this course.

When I spoke with clients, friends, colleagues, and workshop participants, I identified a few common challenges.


I don’t know if I’m on track to achieve the things I want to achieve.


Reality isn’t what I expected and I’m struggling with these key issues:
fear of failing,
decision making,
lack of motivation/accountability,

Sound like you? Here, I can elaborate...
  • You can’t make decisions because you don’t know what the right choice is - so instead, you choose avoidance or settling
  • You see everyone around you doing SO well that you’re paralyzed by the possibility that if you try, you won’t wind up on top like them and you're comparing your beginning to someone else's middle
  • You are faced with the exciting, yet completely daunting truth, that you are accountable to no one but YOU. No teachers, no parents, no mentors to impress or show up for. Adulthood looks like a vast field of openness where you get to make the rules - except it takes a shit ton of energy and determination to make anything happen. And what’s it all for anyways?
  • You keep trying to tread water while just paying bills, keeping yourself somewhat fed and well, all the while this screaming voice in your mind is saying:

I’m unhappy - this isn’t what I’m meant to do - but what is? How will I ever have the necessities in life while enjoying how I spend most of my time?”

Enough sulking, let's get to the solution. I knew that if I put time and energy into creating an accessible course, I could help many people with one MAJOR resource.


It requires courage to light a fire that will incite change. But courage is something you need to cultivate. This requires taking the time for reflecting, writing, building better habits, and getting organized. This is what I'm AMAZING at. It's what I help people do all the time.
The truth is that no one can tell you what you should or shouldn’t do - in fact, seeking advice and input from too many sources can often make things more confusing.

So here, I created this program.
It doesn’t have the 'answers', but it does have what I like to call: “truths”.
These truths are true to me and have worked for my own development, my clients’ development, and some things that I threw in as experiments just for you, the user.
By completing each Module, you'll get closer to what you care about. You'll put manageable habits into place that will heighten your ability to act with more courage, make clear decisions, set goals that you care about, and feel purposeful in your day-to-day life.

This program is explorative.
It's a space where you get to consider things about yourself that you never have before. It's where you get to map out what you want, where you're going, and why.
It makes 'adulting' just a smidge easier.

ONE THING YOU WILL NEED: Your Downloadable Workbook!

You can use it in two ways: either print it off or use a journal and do the exercises separate from the workbook template. Make sure you have the workbook/journal and a pen handy each time you sit down to work on the program.

Download your workbook below.

Please go at your own pace within the program. Devour it or don’t. But either way, here’s my offer to you…
If you get stuck. If you hate it. If you love it. If you need help or have questions or just can’t help but say something...
Email me so that I know where you’re at and I can offer some guidance. I’m all for a little extra here and there so just know, I’m here for you. ([email protected])

Lastly, let me say, if you’re here, you’re ready.
Don’t discredit that. People don’t pay for and show up for something like this if they aren’t a seeker and they aren’t ready to DO SOMETHING. Even if it really, truly does not seem like you’re ready, I’m telling you, you are. The hardest part is over. The hardest part being that you sought help and you’re here.

I believe this program is best enjoyed over a hot bevvie of some kind, in a relatively quiet and comfy place.

I’m super proud of you for being here. I’m honoured that you trust me with your heart.
I hope this changes you.
I hope it unlocks you.

"Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you cannot practice any other virtue consistently"
- Maya Angelou

Ok guys, it’s here! Gahhhhhh. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Workbook_ Becoming Bold.pdf